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Au Contraire Film Festival

Common misconceptions about mental illness permeate our society. We have all heard that ¨people who are mentally ill live in asylums¨. Au Contraire.

One in five Canadians lives or knows someone that lives with some type of a mental illness. The Au Contraire Film Festival strives to illuminate the truths and possibilities of mental illness and combat the widespread stigma. The Au Contraire Film Festival will provide opportunities to both consumers of mental health services and volunteering professionals to work together on event organizing and program delivery.

The aim of the Au Contraire Film Festival (ACFF) www.acff.ca is to bring attention to the diversity of experiences in mental illness and health. Montreal hosts many festivals but our Au Contraire Film Festival is unique.

Our goals are:

To explore the facts and mythologies of mental illness as presented by Canadian and international filmmakers;

To facilitate discussions amongst filmmakers and audiences with respect to these cinematic representations;

To provide a vehicle, or vocabulary, to express a person's emotions and experiences with mental illnesses.

To increase awareness and advocacy for mental health.

Visit us at www.acff.ca