Our Vision:

The name Urban Pardes was chosen because it contextually reflects a transformation from limitation and confinement to a place of possibilities.

Pardes is a biblical reference to a garden of mystical qualities and as such, has, for millennia, been the goal of many life journeys.

Our purpose is to assist individuals in the cityscape, who due to their mental illness, are having difficulty moving forward and recapturing their lives. Their world, both real and metaphorically is often gray, concrete and walled. The mission of Urban Pardes is to illuminate and help realize, each person’s path to individual expression and social recovery and to de-stigmatize mental illness.

Changing lives and changing attitudes

The inspiration to the founding of Urban Pardes was the desire to change attitudes and to change lives.

The stigma of mental illness can erode people's self-confidence and make them shy away from engaging with others, fearing misunderstanding and ridicule. Like racism and other forms of prejudice, stigma suggests that people with mental illness are outsiders and not equal members of the community.


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